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The Story

 Why we Love what we Love to do

Bloodfireclothing, is a reggae-music inspired clothing brand and music studio label, started in Germany on the northern island of Sylt and now located in Las Palmas Gran Canaria.


Blood Fire Clothing provides cool trends and Street Fashion style and offers handmade accessories.  Blood Fire Clothing creates highly limited, inimitable pieces that can be worn during sports or in clubs; combining basics and trends.


From our world travels, we fell in love with sports and Fashion Life Style. All designs are world-inspired and European-American influenced with a touch of uniqueness and Love.



We centre our focus on supporting aspiring artists, musicians and writers all around the globe. 

We provide song writer services, music production, mixing and mastering and video/cover editing services, that will help you bring your project over the finish line in an easy and affordable way.


If you are interested in collaborating with Bloodfireclothing and our group of fire artists shoot us a message or give us a call. Let's work together on pushing your music to the next level! 



We hope you enjoy our Page



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