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your music on all platforms , fully optimized

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Deliver your releases securely on all audio and video platforms, in the highest quality

350+ major stores worldwide

Digitale Social Media

A worldwide distribution network

Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with 350+ major stores, including local & specific platforms.


High security levels & operations support

We have developed a highly effective anti leaks process, where all your content is checked by specialists before being sent to platforms.

Image by Jason Leung

All music and videos format

Thanks to our technology, you can deliver all your releases across multiple formats: Singles, EPs, Albums, Pre-order, Instant gratification, Ringtones, Videos…

Integrated / Streamlined physical and digital

Our technology lets you track your physical and digital sales evolution for a complete understanding of your sales.

Physical and digital in one place

Believe offers a global physical route to market with a network of physical distribution partners in key markets.

Local physical product managers

We have built a team of locally based experts who are able to manage and optimize your physical distribution.

Extensive network of distribution partners

We have developed strong relationships with many physical distribution partners worldwide.

our commitments

Dedicated music professionals at your service to develop your digital strategy. Honesty, transparency and efficiency are our core values.

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