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Aktualisiert: 6. Dez. 2018

We were quite nervous before we hit to Morocco for many reasons. First, it is a an Islamic country, also we heard of diarrhea Issues, poverty and local violence. And finally it is a popular rumor that no one there speaks English. So our first adventure could have been a total nightmare or a magic "thousand and one night" life time experience.

To make it clear, we have been three times there already and we are planning our next journey already.

Looking for a new Destination, new Surftrip or any kind of Adventure? Here you get an exclusive view from our experiences.

Anchor Point Our First Destination

Under the golden sun of pretty Morocco. Our first impression was just amazing. Warm, dry and no clouds at all just the sound of the ocean and the pleasing smell of freedom and surfing in shorts. Do you smell it ? We booked our selfs in to a villa right on Achor Point. Just ask for "SuSu", he speaks perfect English. This place is Amazing, a really "once in a lifetime" experience. You can't get closer to the ocean and while we were lying in bed, we felt the vibration of the waves smashing against the rocks right in front of us. In the morning, we met our new friends, a family of wild dogs protecting the house and Anchor Point. We fell in love with them and kept them as our dogs during our time there. It was really amazing being surrounded and protected by a pack of wild dogs.

The first thing that we had to take care of, was to save the life of a wild goat that was standing right in front of our house. It just appeared out of nowhere and came running straight towards us trying to hide from some stray dogs that were living in the area. The goat was looking for "security service", so we escorted her to a tree, where she just jumped on it and just wouldn't come down. Goats are good climbers, so for that moment, she was save.

Clean beaches, full lineups that could be a good slogan for Morocco. There are endless quiet places, lost beaches and beautiful oasis landscapes that I will never forget. You are totally by yourself and feeling free like never before. Also if you have a car or planing a Trip by car, it's just the perfect place to do so. The lineup is crowded and packed but if you are a good paddler, make it to the peak and let the locals get the first one, finally you will be rewarded with a long perfect wall ride, were you can practice and pull out moves. All your dreams come true, especially for regular riders.

If you have balls, then you will be rewarded by perfection never seen before. Long, perfect walls and empty lineups. Dracula can be dangerous, especially the entrance and going out seem like mission impossible. Tip: Just wait for a local guy to get into the water and just follow him.


We made good friends over there. If you follow the rules and behave friendly and show respect, the locals will respect you and enjoy a good time with you. They are the key of a good experience. Let the Moroccan show you how beautiful their kingdom is.

Agadir is the closest City and a big Market place.

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